A chain of optical stores based out of Ahmedabad, we specialize in dispensing spectacles, contact lenses and glasses with specific ergonomic requirements. We have a team of special optometrists at each store, who are always there to assist you with impeccable technical equipment.

Our Promise

We promise to provide exceptional and satisfactory services to all customers, at any given time. Along with that, we ensure you that our stores will carry the latest eyewear-both national and international brands-that exist in the market. We are also equipped with advanced instruments, using which we can perform 360° eye check-ups and quality spectacle dispensing.


Along with manufacturing all kind of spectacle lenses-single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses-we also dispense contact lenses with all kinds of modalities—yearly, monthly, bi-weekly and daily disposables. Keeping in mind the latest shapes and trends, we carry sunglasses from all major brands. Polarized sunglasses are also available. All of our sunglasses have complete UV-A and UV-B protection.

Our Vision

India has a staggeringly large number of blind populous.

  • 15 million people in India are blind, which constitutes 50% of the blind population of the world.
  • Due to the country's acute shortage of optometrists and donated eyes for the treatment of corneal blindness, 75% of these cases, which could have been avoided, are not.
  • 153 million people in the country need reading glasses but do not have access to them.
  • Our country has about 8,000 optometrists, while the need stands at almost 5 times the current statistic.

Revolutionize the eyewear industry in India
Chashmish's aim is to revolutionize the eyewear industry in India, by preventing blindness at its root, which can be achieved by providing high quality eyewear to millions of Indians at affordable prices, giving free eye check-ups at home and by extending our services to the remotest corners of India.

Our Mission

It all began with an aim. An aim to make high quality designer glasses accessible to all Indians at an affordable price.We brainstormed. We broke our backs and we came up with a plan, that will not just change the way this industry works, but will also sweep the customer off their feet. It can only be achieved if we provide.

Gurukul Road

G-11, Bhaktinagar Row House,
Subhash Chowk, Gurukul Road,
Memnagar, Ahmedabad - 380052

Call : +91 757 500 1692


11 & 15, Abhishek Apartment,
Nr. Kameshwar Temple,
Ankur Road, Naranpura,
Ahmedabad - 380013

Call: +91 757 500 1693


3, Vraj Complex, Opp. Honest,
Restaurant, Bhathha, Paldi,
Ahmedabad - 380007

Call: +91 757 500 1694


12, Newyork Darshan Tower,
Opp. Inductotherm, Bopal,
Ahmedabad - 380058

Call: +91 757 500 1695


2, Ratna Complex,
Opp. Bank of Baroda,
Maninagar Char Rasta,
Maninagar, Ahmedabad - 380008

Call: +91 757 500 1696



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